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“What is the essence of the art of writing?  Part One: Have something to say.  Part Two: Say it well.”  
— Edward Abbey

Oh, if only it were that simple!  After all, if writing were easy, we'd all be experts, wouldn't we?  Unfortunately, as Nathaniel Hawthorne put it, “[e]asy reading is damn hard writing.”  But that's also the good news.  With the right tools and a willingness to learn, everyone can improve their writing. 


And that's where I come in.  

On this site, I provide tips and tricks to help you improve your writing.  In addition, I offer writing, editing, and tutoring services, as well as blog about how writing connects to "real life" (including travel).  My hope is to demystify the writing process and help you achieve your goals, whether at school, home, or in your career.  So, welcome!

My writing and editing skills can help you achieve your goals.


My resumé and cover letter writing can help you land the job of your dreams.


Struggling to write or edit your work?  I can help!


I have experience teaching both native and non-native English speakers.


Ryan, University of Tennessee

“You have been so helpful; I really appreciate it! You are by far the best English teacher I've ever had."

Jonathan, M.D.

"Jessica surpassed my expectations at every step in the process.  Not only did she improve the quality of my writing, she helped me strengthen my arguments, as well.  This article was the most widely-read piece of my career. "

Kurt Davis, Entrepreneur

"Jessica did a first-class job making my hodge-podge manuscript coherent. She cut at least 50 percent of the first draft. If you need an editor, she’s your girl."
"The work is always accomplished one word at a time."

— Stephen King


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