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Published Articles and Edited Work

My thesis addresses the way we teach structure in the composition classroom. In particular, it looks at the history of the five-paragraph essay and, using a stasis analysis, discovers that scholars have been talking past each other at the level of definition—for years. Ultimately, I propose the development of a new organizational model—the Introduction-Body-Conclusion (IBC) model—by which student can improve their understanding of structure across genres

I was the primary editor for this text.  I cut, rewrote, and rearranged more than half of Kurt's original text to make it the lively, informative, and interesting read you'll find on bookshelves today. 

3 / Finding Soul, From Silicon Valley to Africa: A Travel Memoir and Personal Journey Through Twenty Countries in Africa (2020) by Kurt Davis

I was the primary editor for Kurt's book and helped him bring his stories about "finding soul" in Africa to life.

I edited Dr. Ashkan Attaran's article on the effects of the coronavirus. English is Dr. Attaran's second language.

I proofread and provided copy suggestions for Dr. Jonathan Geach on his article about reopening the United States after the pandemic.

Article for the Mountain Democrat.

Article for the Mountain Democrat.

Article for the Mountain Democrat.

Article for the Mountain Democrat.


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