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I am behind on posting, but that's no surprise. I may give up entirely until after my trip. Travel takes it out of you, and it's hard to justify sitting in front of a computer when there is so much just outside your door to explore.

I've been in Brasov since last Sunday. This past week, I volunteered at the children's hospital in Brasov, as well as out at Firm Foundation Romania's (FFR) preschool program in the Roma village of Budila. In the afternoons, I've explored Brasov with my incredible Romanian friend, Vincent, who I met through my old blog, Shift, years ago. Vincent is from Bucharest and has proven himself invaluable both as a translator, jester, and tour guide.

In coming posts, I will go into detail about the things I've been learning on my trip. There is so much history in this place, and so much to learn about and know. I am grateful that I get to spend two full weeks here before traveling briefly to Istanbul and Athens on my way home. (If I had my druthers, I'd spend at least two weeks in every place I visit . . . and never stop traveling.)

I hope you're all doing well. I'll attempt to post again this coming Wednesday!


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