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Checking In From the "Rich Coast"

I wanted to write a full post tonight—I have lots to share—but I just don't have time. Costa Rica has been busy so far. When I haven't been in sessions for my retreat, I've been exploring on foot. Today I walked nine miles trying to reach an animal preserve that I discovered on the way was at the top of a very muddy hill. (It's been raining a LOT.) Unfortunately, by the time I got there, I didn't have time to go in, but I did see a lot of cool things on the way!

So today, I'll just share a few photos. Rest assured, I will share more details in future posts. I hope you enjoy!


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3 commentaires

01 juin 2023

Hi Jessica,

It looks picturesque. It sounds like you’re enjoying yourself.

03 juin 2023
En réponse à

I look forward to reading more of your experience in the rich coast and seeing more of your photographs.

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